Thursday, January 7, 2010

Evolution of myself =)

I used to dislike reading newspaper regarding our malaysia politics- MCA vs MCA, Minister Vs Minister, Gov vs Opposition, Bus Crash reports made the Ministers start appearing in the front page of the newspaper with the huge headlines saying ''Strict rules for the bus drivers....enforcement of law... bla bla and bla''. The first thing i did when i grabbed the newspaper was to turn into the sports and the entertainment sessions. I will never bother to even take a glance through the nations news. However things started to change recently as i am taking Constitutional Law and this subject ''force'' me to read the news regarding to this very subject. My lecturer kept on reminding us to read, read and read, that is the only way to gain knowledge and when you have the knowledge you can share with the world and from there you will gain your confident. These words stuck me real hard.... I reminisced the time when i was in a scholarship interview by the Lion Group last year before i entered UKM. One of the interviewers asked me questions regarding to the current news in Malaysia which was the Political issues in Perak. Thinking real hard to give him an impressive answer, i was swearing underneath my breath...because i did not have any knowledge bout that!!! yea i know... lady luck was not with me that day. Honestly, i felt so embarrassed after that...i told my mom bout it and she said in a nicer way of ''serve you right''. haha... But now, things are pretty different...its the evolution of myself! I now love to read the news bout the politics in malaysia. I felt i am actually connected to the world and most importantly to my own country. It was fun to exchange views with my friends bout the things which have happened, eg: bout the ministers and the courts' judgement. We criticised and gave our own point of view and knowing that the Government is only human after all.... So, pendek kata, i am proud of myself now..ahhaha... pardon me for being perasan... =)

~Pinyin signs out~


SC said...

A good start for you. You need to know more of this news in helping your current course.

mojelai said...

hey dere... hungwei here... long time no c... ganbate in ur study y^^