Friday, February 26, 2010

Status : ''Its Complicated"

I do not have habit to check my messages in Facebook everyday and i just checked it few days ago...this is what i saw, it is a message from a guy to me. Here it it :-

''My dear friend, when u state your relationship status is complicated, & showing a photo of two female, it is very misleading man. Don't u think so?''

First time that came to my mind was ''Are you nuts??''. haha. Seriously this kind of message he sent was actually super hilarious! I put my status as complicated, it is my choice and i do not think i owe him any explanations. Does that mean i can never allowed to take pictures with my girl friends? or does that mean taking pictures with a girl friend mean something not right?? Perhaps his mind is full of complicated stuff....cant even process or analyse ''straight cut things''. Weird ppl huh... haha...

complicated??? hahaha...

LESBIAN PICTURE????hahaaha....

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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I know sometimes i am weird,
I know sometimes i am quiet,
I know sometimes i am not used to be who i am,
Some of the time, i would like to be alone,
Strolling on the street listening to my favorite songs alone,
Looking upon the sky, just to stare blankly at the stars,
Reminiscing the past,
Let the emotions flow pass me,
The good and bad memories,
Smile and Sigh simultaneously,
Here i begin again..............

~Pinyin signs out~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Last Time

As i clutched her soft wrinkled hand and wished her goodbye, my heart hurt so badly. Because i know deep in my heart that this will be the last time i'm gonna see her. The next time i return, she will be gone. Sigh. She was my baby sitter and also my siblings' baby sitter.There was a bond between us and her. We will always visit her during cny and some other times of the year. Everytime when we visited her, she will always be very delight to see us and will happily gave out ang pow to us. She is a strong woman, physically and mentally. Until last year when i called her to talk to her she told me a bad news. She was diagnosed with throat cancer. When i got the news, i was stunned and i just could not continue to talk to her anymore as my tears trickled down. One year had passed after the news, and she looked so thin and lethargic and she barely even have the strength to talk to us. But that did not stop her from walking into her room to take angpows for us. When i see her doing that, i was about to break down and cry but however i controlled myself. This will be the last angpow from her and i will keep it safely and will forever keep it...I told her tat i am studying law in UKM and she was really happy for me. I will always remember this. She told us that she could not even eat anything even drinking milo is hard. We didnt want to take up her rest time so after 15 mins, we started to say goodbye. This will be the last goodbye i bid to her as i know she will be called back to ''home'' soon....

~Pinyin signs out~

family gathering

had reunion dinner on the 2nd day of cny at EQ Hotel
us at gurney

mom with daughters
sister and i
bro and i
Dr.Hng and i =)

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beautiful Shoots..

Here i go again....
Everytime when i'm gonna leave penang and make my move to UKM, i will surely blog it.. =)
I had a great cny this year but must put a side the hot weather....
Got to meet all my family and friends....
Cherish those times we had together..
It is sad that the time will only go forward but not backward...
So no turning back, strive forward..
BYEBYE penang yet again, and hi to UKM yet again....
BYEBYE CNY 2010.... =/

Pictures taken by ChernWern

~Pinyin signs out~

Friday, February 19, 2010


The best time to gather and meet up with our class teacher is during CNY. WHY? Cause 1st reason, ada angpow, 2nd reason- get to makan, 3rd reason-get to talk in her house for hours... haha...Ok..forget bout the reasons. We went to our class teacher-Pn.Loo's house just now to visit her and her husband. Pn.Loo with her usual question, ''Pinyin, you have a boy friend already?" (for ur information, she asked me that everytime i see i m use to it) And i replied her with my usual answer also ''No lar....dun have.."

Pn.Loo: Why? You all should find one during University time...dun find after you graduate...cause when u all start working, you all wont have the time already.
Me: What to do wor..Pn.Loo...I still cant find anyone suitable yet..haha
Pn.Loo: Pinyin, i have a friend whose son is a doctor and he is around 26 years old..he is working at Perak. My friend told me tat her son does not have a gf yet...she asked me to intro her some want or not?? i intro u to him?? he is a nice guy..very guai wan..
Me: Har?? *eyes opened big* (In my mind I was this era, still ada match making going on wan ar?? ) you serious? hahahaha
Pn.Loo: yea yea...i am serious...he is already a doctor...good wat...already have a stable career.
Me: hahahah.... (i could not stop laughing because i find it very funny) Is he nerdy with thick spectacles and the very very good boy wan?
Pn.Loo: yea yea....
Me: Oh... Pn.Loo....i am sorry.. but i dun like this type of guy wan...hahaha. I think its better u ask him to find a nurse to be his gf..haha...

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My blogging mood has fling back to the correct mode again..haha..Blogging should be started when we really have the mood to do it or else it will be as if we are only writing our thoughts on air. Today is the 3rd day of CNY,sob sob....not because i do not cherish the cny this year,but i know it will soon be over. *sigh*.After cny, everyone knows that we will be super busy.*yawn*-assignments. For these 2 days of cny, all i have to say is that i love it. Love the fact that i have a lovely family members, love the fact that i can eat all those cny food which i can have it on normal days, love the fact that i can wear new and nice clothes, love the fact that i can talk and laugh as much as i can!!!!! I just cant wait to meet most of my friends this Thursday and Friday. So chaoz!

~Pinyin signs out~

Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY 2010 1st and 2nd day

Rewind to last year cny........... We were at Hainan Island, China at this moment....It was a great memory.....and this year we are in PENANG!!Although both places are totally different in terms of ....errr..basically EVERYTHING!! weather pun tak sama, food pun tak same(sana punya babi lebih sedap compare with the babi in msia), people also tak sama, fireworks ada bezanya jugak etc, we still make it work! Who are we???? We are Mr.Lee Leng Heng'sdescendant...he is my grandfather. =) Here are some pictures taken during these 2 days of CNY.

Horny with the brandy...
bah kua!! (babi)
who is this hot guy??? lol

kids memang kiddies..
cny deco in queensbay
cny deco in queensbay

pinyin & yinmei

makan makan
david and yinmei
cousins without our younger bro....

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY Eve Reunion Dinner

2010 is something really different....other than the number of the year(2010). my family had tried new things which was to have our reunion dinner at Chilli's. Not the usual steamboat at home. My mom said we should try new things and it will be easier not to wash the dishes after the steamboat. yea... i agree with that...alot of washing is not fun... *wink*. So we happily went into the restaurant but then the atmosphere didnt stay tat long. My bro was having headache and he went to buy a cup of starbucks coffee(that will be his remedy) and he brought it into Chilli's. Here comes the noob manager

Noob Manager: Excuse me Mr.,you are not allowed to bring in outside drinks or food. Can you please bring it out now?

Bro: I know i know, but we have already ordered our food and drinks. Its not tat we didnt order and if we didnt order and i bring in this drink, i know it is not right. BUT we have ordered A LOT of food.

Noob Manager: BUT this is our policy. Outside food and drinks are not allowed.....

Bro: I am having headache and i will feel better after drinking it.....

Noob Manager: Having headache? you should see a doctor....

When i heard the last sentence, that manager almost made me knock out. Mana ada manager speak like not a professional manager? Oh yea..he is not a professional one...can see that so damn clearly when he spoke. I notice even when he spoke, no smile on his face...he just showed his non-friendly face. I thought all the while, a manager should be a customer oriented and the workers should be policy oriented? Somehow it has become the opposite. The waiter who served us last nite had actually apologised on behalf of his manager's behavior... what the heck???!! Even the waiter has better PR than the manager. From what i analysed, the manager was not actually finding a solution bout the bringing in coffee thing but he was just stand firmly on his ground ''it is our policy"...these words tak tau sudah keluar how many thousand times from his mouth....he was making the situation worse instead of better. Should a manager be good at handling situation like this and to make the customers happy? Basically, i think that the manager should really polish up his communication skills. Its cny reunion dinner after all....y he must make is such a fuss...

Me: I know it is ur policy but u r the manager, you should make the policy more flexible. In this situation, we have ordered ur food and drinks and the bill will sum up to around RM450. It is a big sum and you should make the customer happy. Shouldn't we customers are always right?

Noob Manager: yes..... But..... it is our policy...

Me: Can you tell me what other reasons other than the policy that we cant bring in outside food and drinks when we had actually ordered our food?

Noob Manager: I am afraid that the other customers who will see you bringing in the drinks in

Me: You really think the customers will ever notice that?? who will? they will only concentrate on eating the food.....where got customers sengaja go peep on us??

We later asked to see his GM, and he went straight out.....Then he walked in again, i was looking behind him, curious bout the GM out look..wahahaa..wanna see got leng chai or not...Instead of bringing in the GM in person, he brought us a NAME CARD *slapped my head* *pengsan*. Does this mean he wants to challenge us to contact his GM? Thanks to him for that card, we had emailed Chilis's CEO and GM.

~Pinyin signs out~

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2010

Happy CNY to all of my friends!!!!
I had 2 chinese reunion dinners with my ukm friends...
Cant wait to have more reunions with the people i love back in Penang....
So Long!!!!

with my kolej rahim kajai mates...
Whole bunch of Kajai-rians..

from left to right:manfred, Sing ghee and John...celebrated their birthdays..
john: u sure u have the guts to do it??
kailee: hehehehe.... i think so
john: how long should i give you to give me a kiss?? i have a plane to catch...
kailee: errrrr..... lor..
birthday cake!!
yee shang....

In these 2 occasions, there are people coming up to me (i do not know why am i the only one who kena) asking us not to be so noisy in the restaurant....Come on....Chinese New Year is just around the corner and they expect us to have a quiet cny dinner with our friends????? we were not in a super high class 5 star hotel, why should we keep quiet and obey what you tell us to?? ITS FREEDOM OF SPEECH......duh...