Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY Eve Reunion Dinner

2010 is something really different....other than the number of the year(2010). my family had tried new things which was to have our reunion dinner at Chilli's. Not the usual steamboat at home. My mom said we should try new things and it will be easier not to wash the dishes after the steamboat. yea... i agree with that...alot of washing is not fun... *wink*. So we happily went into the restaurant but then the atmosphere didnt stay tat long. My bro was having headache and he went to buy a cup of starbucks coffee(that will be his remedy) and he brought it into Chilli's. Here comes the noob manager

Noob Manager: Excuse me Mr.,you are not allowed to bring in outside drinks or food. Can you please bring it out now?

Bro: I know i know, but we have already ordered our food and drinks. Its not tat we didnt order and if we didnt order and i bring in this drink, i know it is not right. BUT we have ordered A LOT of food.

Noob Manager: BUT this is our policy. Outside food and drinks are not allowed.....

Bro: I am having headache and i will feel better after drinking it.....

Noob Manager: Having headache? you should see a doctor....

When i heard the last sentence, that manager almost made me knock out. Mana ada manager speak like not a professional manager? Oh yea..he is not a professional one...can see that so damn clearly when he spoke. I notice even when he spoke, no smile on his face...he just showed his non-friendly face. I thought all the while, a manager should be a customer oriented and the workers should be policy oriented? Somehow it has become the opposite. The waiter who served us last nite had actually apologised on behalf of his manager's behavior... what the heck???!! Even the waiter has better PR than the manager. From what i analysed, the manager was not actually finding a solution bout the bringing in coffee thing but he was just stand firmly on his ground ''it is our policy"...these words tak tau sudah keluar how many thousand times from his mouth....he was making the situation worse instead of better. Should a manager be good at handling situation like this and to make the customers happy? Basically, i think that the manager should really polish up his communication skills. Its cny reunion dinner after all....y he must make is such a fuss...

Me: I know it is ur policy but u r the manager, you should make the policy more flexible. In this situation, we have ordered ur food and drinks and the bill will sum up to around RM450. It is a big sum and you should make the customer happy. Shouldn't we customers are always right?

Noob Manager: yes..... But..... it is our policy...

Me: Can you tell me what other reasons other than the policy that we cant bring in outside food and drinks when we had actually ordered our food?

Noob Manager: I am afraid that the other customers who will see you bringing in the drinks in

Me: You really think the customers will ever notice that?? who will? they will only concentrate on eating the food.....where got customers sengaja go peep on us??

We later asked to see his GM, and he went straight out.....Then he walked in again, i was looking behind him, curious bout the GM out look..wahahaa..wanna see got leng chai or not...Instead of bringing in the GM in person, he brought us a NAME CARD *slapped my head* *pengsan*. Does this mean he wants to challenge us to contact his GM? Thanks to him for that card, we had emailed Chilis's CEO and GM.

~Pinyin signs out~

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