Friday, February 19, 2010


The best time to gather and meet up with our class teacher is during CNY. WHY? Cause 1st reason, ada angpow, 2nd reason- get to makan, 3rd reason-get to talk in her house for hours... haha...Ok..forget bout the reasons. We went to our class teacher-Pn.Loo's house just now to visit her and her husband. Pn.Loo with her usual question, ''Pinyin, you have a boy friend already?" (for ur information, she asked me that everytime i see i m use to it) And i replied her with my usual answer also ''No lar....dun have.."

Pn.Loo: Why? You all should find one during University time...dun find after you graduate...cause when u all start working, you all wont have the time already.
Me: What to do wor..Pn.Loo...I still cant find anyone suitable yet..haha
Pn.Loo: Pinyin, i have a friend whose son is a doctor and he is around 26 years old..he is working at Perak. My friend told me tat her son does not have a gf yet...she asked me to intro her some want or not?? i intro u to him?? he is a nice guy..very guai wan..
Me: Har?? *eyes opened big* (In my mind I was this era, still ada match making going on wan ar?? ) you serious? hahahaha
Pn.Loo: yea yea...i am serious...he is already a doctor...good wat...already have a stable career.
Me: hahahah.... (i could not stop laughing because i find it very funny) Is he nerdy with thick spectacles and the very very good boy wan?
Pn.Loo: yea yea....
Me: Oh... Pn.Loo....i am sorry.. but i dun like this type of guy wan...hahaha. I think its better u ask him to find a nurse to be his gf..haha...

~Pinyin signs out~


Anonymous said...

aiya dont be so choosy la
doctor is rich ma haha

PiGgY PiNg said...


pinyin said...

hahaha.. doctor is rich..but not the type i want mar.. haha..