Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Last Time

As i clutched her soft wrinkled hand and wished her goodbye, my heart hurt so badly. Because i know deep in my heart that this will be the last time i'm gonna see her. The next time i return, she will be gone. Sigh. She was my baby sitter and also my siblings' baby sitter.There was a bond between us and her. We will always visit her during cny and some other times of the year. Everytime when we visited her, she will always be very delight to see us and will happily gave out ang pow to us. She is a strong woman, physically and mentally. Until last year when i called her to talk to her she told me a bad news. She was diagnosed with throat cancer. When i got the news, i was stunned and i just could not continue to talk to her anymore as my tears trickled down. One year had passed after the news, and she looked so thin and lethargic and she barely even have the strength to talk to us. But that did not stop her from walking into her room to take angpows for us. When i see her doing that, i was about to break down and cry but however i controlled myself. This will be the last angpow from her and i will keep it safely and will forever keep it...I told her tat i am studying law in UKM and she was really happy for me. I will always remember this. She told us that she could not even eat anything even drinking milo is hard. We didnt want to take up her rest time so after 15 mins, we started to say goodbye. This will be the last goodbye i bid to her as i know she will be called back to ''home'' soon....

~Pinyin signs out~

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