Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My blogging mood has fling back to the correct mode again..haha..Blogging should be started when we really have the mood to do it or else it will be as if we are only writing our thoughts on air. Today is the 3rd day of CNY,sob sob....not because i do not cherish the cny this year,but i know it will soon be over. *sigh*.After cny, everyone knows that we will be super busy.*yawn*-assignments. For these 2 days of cny, all i have to say is that i love it. Love the fact that i have a lovely family members, love the fact that i can eat all those cny food which i can have it on normal days, love the fact that i can wear new and nice clothes, love the fact that i can talk and laugh as much as i can!!!!! I just cant wait to meet most of my friends this Thursday and Friday. So chaoz!

~Pinyin signs out~

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