Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fed Up

I am sure all of us will at least have a bad experience on doing assignments in group work. I am here writing this post as i am super pissed off and fed up. Piss off in what sense? Obviously about the group members who didnt even care to show their commitments and just lay their asses on else where rather than to contribute things to the group. I will not say that all of the group members are jack ass, i will re-phase here, only some of them who careless bout it. I am speaking on behalf of the unsatisfied and angry friends of mine who also face this similar situation. Just one question to ask here, "do you think it is fair??" the answer -> "The world is never fair". Sad to know that, BUT dont you think that they as young ADULTS , they should know their own responsibilities?? Do i have to remind them every single thing? Arent they mature enough to carry out their duties in group work? I know all of them are damn busy, but do bare in mind that i am busy too! I have to wake up in the middle of the night just to read the case so that i can tell the rest what to do although i am very very tired. I forced myself to carry out my responsibilities because i know that i MUST. I have already done my part. Things will not proceed if both parties refused to do their parts. I am saying this not because i am trying to brag is the truth that should be spoken. Handling all those ppl with the too care free attitude is tough! seriously..The thing that i do not understand is that, why cant they remember by themselves the things they should do? I have to be their reminder! Even for meetings, i have to rush the whole faculty searching for them and ask them to attend the meeting!!!! How old are they already!!! Do they need ppl to remind them that they need to go to the court to present their cases in the future???

*No offence to anyone, this is a blog of mine where i express my feelings...its freedom of speech and the things i said here do not touch a thing in any sections in Sedition Act 1948, so basically i am allow to speak the truth.*

~Pinyin signs out~

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