Monday, March 15, 2010

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer....What else can we do with it, other than cleaning our hands and made them 99.9% free of bacteria? Since i take ''Kemahiran Berfikir'' class this semester and in one of the syllabus, it stated that we as human being need to be able to think creatively. And here i am with bottles of sanitizer, thinking of using it on other better purpose rather than the old boring usage..

weee!! hand sanitizer...its affordable and it comes in different aromas..haha
this is what i did...see the difference in the color of our shoes? one is yellowish..the other is white...focus on the white rubber area...
before using the hand sanitizer
after using the

the steps are very simple...all you need to do is to apply some of the hand sanitizer on the filthy area of the shoe,then by using your bare hands...i repeat... by using your bare hands...start rubbing the liquid until it becomes will see dirts coming out from your shoes...and of course you will definitely see those effects! Try this!! Oh yea...remember to use the hand sanitizer to clean your hands after rubbing it on your dirty shoes.. Be creative!! haha...

~Pinyin signs out~


BenzPinto said...

i tried once to clean my car stearing wheel and gear nob with it..
Not bad :)

pinyin said...

haha...its very useful rite? lol.if no water supply, can use the alternative to clean our