Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Key

Warning: This will be an emotional post...yea..this is me =)

When i was only 13 years old, watching my own siblings and cousins turning 21, one by one...i always pictured myself being 21 years old with bday celebration with my family and friends. I was very impatient to be 21! and now, i am really turning 21. It was (but not to my family anymore) a tradition for all of us including my cousins to celebrate their 21st bday while the veteran to celebrate their 50th bday. After my dad have gone away, there no longer any bday celebration for us...and i totally understand that. All i want for now is just to be able to hear him wishing me ''Happy 21st birthday, Pinyin" to me. Just as simple as that. I miss those times when he pretended that he have forgotten my birthdays.He made this every 5th of March.So every 5th of March, i will think back of this. I do not want all those big and expensive presents, all i want now is the loves and cares from my beloved ones. What i have learnt for the past 2 and half years was simple enough for all of us to understand which is ''gratitude" , this will be carried with me until i am buried 6 feet underground.

~Pinyin signs out~


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