Tuesday, March 9, 2010

my 21st bday

A surprise bday for me by them....
thanks a million....
the time when they jump up from the roof top of a building and shouted
''Happy birthday,pinyin!!''
means so much to me.....
deeply touched and happy...
this will be more valuable than an expensive dinner....
thank you!

them and me
jeremy n me.
me and janice
jc n me
maxine @ ah bu with me
yung chin n me
kris n me
manfred n me
kk n me
keeway starts to smile!
hannah n me
cming n me
john n me
hao han n me
zhao lin n me
terry,me n jeremy

the penang gia!!


*Pictures taken by my friends using Jeremy's camera...*

~Pinyin signs out~


SC said...

Happy 21st birthday. Really a blast & you have a gang of great friends to celebrate with you.

pinyin said...

thanks for the wish!!! yea...i really appreciate that... =) it will be an eternal memory...