Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thumbs Down

thumbs down to me....

Yesterday night was NOTHING like ''TGIF- Thank Goodness its Friday". Things werenot in correct order. Maybe i should say i was kinda dumb to think. My hostel had a dinner and the theme was ''Retro Musical". My typical thinking is , if a dinner held by my hostel which have the malays as the majority, a dinner dress code would be all cover up and no sexy dressing. Logic enough? ok...I wanted to wear a dress with heels but i was told that some of them were wearing casual, so without thinking much, i dressed casually. without knowing the fact that i was totally damn wrong! When i stepped into the hall, i was like ''damn shit! am i in the correct place?someone slap me!" Those people wore dresses!! Not just the normal dresses but the real hot and sexy dresses!! I felt so under dressed! I was so embarrassed and this really crashed my confident. I really thought of walking back to my room and change but no one in my table would follow me back. =/ am i too desperate or what? Desperate or not, i am a person who really think that it is crucial to dress well according to the events. Cursing under my breath for that, i still got to stuck my butt on the chair for around 3 hours and force myself to consume the not so tasty food before i went back t o my room. Nightmare!!

*No offence to anyone who had the wrong dress code, i am just expressing my inner thoughts.*

~Pinyin signs out~

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