Thursday, April 29, 2010

Before and After

The BEFORE exam over.......Stresssss Out.......

somehow...i do not know y, Jeremy still can
???? =="""
see the mess?? haha...ignore the person sleeping on my actually wanted to take my messy stuff...

The AFTER exam.......... Mode: I AM H.A.P.P.Y!! weee!!
the 2 best friends.....they love to "scratch" each other in the single room
after food food!!

Jeremy's... looks like mushroom soup..but no idea what is tat
jeremy wanna be Kick-Ass....oppss...its suppose to be Ass-Kick....Jeremy the Ass Kick
Ming and Jeremy
John with his camera......
Manfred looking blur with the soya...

AND...Here we go to.....GENTING!!!!

look at Cora's face expression....the most outstanding one....i dun think i nid to specify who...
cora with her typical face expression post... lol
me....typical one too..haha
warm up game....b4 the big rides...
diyana and shandra


Me and Chong Jan Wai..:P
Shandra sleepy
Adi with the lion....errr....

the Glee wanna be....

~~The END~~

I had a great time after the exams.....Happy holidays to my dear friends!! See you guys around!!

~Pinyin signs out~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just a random post

I am in my room for the last few hours. Lets enjoy the moment. Gosh...i have been in this room for 2 semesters and now it has come to the end of my 1st year. The next semester, i will be in the 2nd year. Why so fast?!! =/

One question that i have in mind right now is that- ''What is beauty and what is beautiful to you?'' I have been alive for 21 years already and since as a teenager and till now, ppl always making a big fuss bout a pair of love birds which they usually questioned why the guy super good looking with a not so pretty girl friend, vice versa. Honestly, i had heard enough of these. Whenever i hear that, i choose not to speak but to listen. and i speak it right here. It is ppl's own choice who they want to choose to be with regardless what their ages are, how they personalities shine, how they dont give a damn shit bout the looks etc. Who are you to say that? It is not written in the law that a handsome guy MUST be with a gorgeous looking girl. Beauty can be defined in such a wide way or maybe you can agree on what Justice Lim Beng Choon said ''unrulling horse,when you ride on it, you will never know where it leads you to"Some ppl prefer to have a partner who has the most beautiful heart or some might love the beautiful external looks. Think bout it, how can a beauty and a geek or a beauty and the "beast" be together? They are fated to be together! Their paths are crossed and this is how they fell in love with each other. The most unbearable things that i have ever came across was this question ''there are no more girls better than her izzit? why must choose her?'' All i want to say here is that, yea.. i agree that most beautiful things are nice to see and watch, but they too are not immortal. Sometimes, ppl make me think that the phase ''a good looking guys must have a pretty gals'' is too over rated. Just think first before you spit out those words where can hurt ppl. How will you feel when ppl comment bad stuff bout ur relationship all because of those LOOKS?

~Pinyin signs out~

Saturday, April 17, 2010


What is the simplest rule when you step into the library? Ask this question to a kindergarten kid....SILENT. yea...simple as that. Somehow, there are still inconsiderate ppl who i consider them as selfish. There was once when i was studying in the library with my friends and there was a girl sat behind us started talking tru her hp. Fine...maybe she has some emergency call. She somehow kept on talking on the phone as if she owned that whole library. I was studying for my constitutional law and was kinda lack of time for my revision and there was this unnecessary interruption going on. This was part of her conversation:

the inconsiderate girl: yea.. i took bath already!! i can still smell my shampoo on my hands..eeemmm...."

==''" (triple sweat). You want to be "intimate" with your bf or wat... just go outside from the library and talk whatever and how long you like not disturb others who want to study. My friend asked me to do the "dirty" job by asking me to ask that girl to shut up..haha.. all i did was just ssssshhhh and gave her a tak-syok-look. She did lower down her voice but later on started again...damn her...

~Pinyin signs out~

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fly Back Alone

Ever since Air Asia was born to the ''flying'' world, everybody can fly! Now taking plane is no longer something great nor for those rich ppl, it is for all of us regardless of status. I have traveled by Air Asia few times but this time, i sit on that plane alone. I have booked the flight ticket back to penang and also back to ukm for ''Ching Ming'' (a day where the buddhists pray respect to their ancestors and to their deceased).Taking the plane all alone and by myself was something new for me. It was a great experience for me as i can become a street smart person...errr.. i mean in the formation of becoming a street smart person. I thought i would be nervous bout it but instead of that, i was actually enjoying myself, travelling alone, walking up and down at LCCT, bought the stuff that i like etc... yea... i know to those who have traveled million times in plane all by themselves, they might be thinking that this post is totally nothing to them, but i just want to say that, everyone has their 1st time, and this is my first time i thought it would be nice if i blog bout in the future when i read back the older posts at least they will make my day and make me smile =)

nasi ayam choice for me cuz all restaurants were full of ppl and this food was the fastest i could get...

few seconds b4 we were up to the sky!
wow.. love this view....
part of KL
=) Stories bout Kris Allen

part of penang


~Pinyin signs out~

Monday, April 5, 2010

Muzik Moden Semester II

Modern Music...sounds very modern to me at the first glimpse. Not to left out the eagerness to experience the feeling playing in a band too. That was why i joined this as my co-curriculum. Coming to the end of the semester, we are require to perform a song which we had learned during the classes. Last semester was not very much to be remembered as i was the "lame back up singer". This semester it was something different. I got to play my acoustic guitar and to put in a nicer way, i got to perform in a band. =) The outcome was actually not bad but during the rehearsal and last min practises, that was the hardest part. One day before our performance, we had a rehearsal together with other performers ( Classical Music, Choir, Dancing, Nasyid etc). On that very time, we found out that our drummer will not be there for the rehearsal and also on the real day!! He didnt even inform our sir bout this. How are we suppose to find a drummer to replace him?? All of us panicked. One of our friends managed to get a substitute drummer which he had not even practised with us b4..this was a bad bad idea. Our turn came, and it was really sucky..The drummer got all the beat wrong which made the singer lost his tempo...chaotic. Then came our Sir, lecturing us after the performance...bla bla bla... To me the only problem was the drummer, if only we could find a drummer, then everything will be settled.

However, our sir called up his whole band (consists of the local artistes) and asked the lead guitarist and pianist not to play anymore, he asked them to be the back up singers. One word - SUCK! He even changed our song!! We got to learn that new song on the day of our performance. Damn! All these while we attended the classes just to practise that song and now he said that we wont be playing that song. It was obvious that all of us were pissed off but we could not said anything. I mean, this is our co-curriculum and this is our night to perform, now u ask your band to come and take over us? Is this the right thing to do? He even asked us not to tell others bout the band...i wanted to answer him ''Duh! who do not know they are not students? look at their hair! and their looks!" We however continue playing the new song for the last rehearsal and yea... the whole performance was superb BUT it was not performed by US. After that i went back to my room and i got a msg saying that we, modern music are not allowed to perform anymore because the committee in charged said that it was not played by us....( predicted by us...) My friends went to deal with the committee members without my sir...and we were lucky enough to be given another chance to perform...this time we were told to perform our own song with a drummer provided by them. COOL! During the time we performed, we were seriously very happppyy that we were able to play our own song! We got the feed back saying that our performance was good!!!! This made all of us beamed with satisfactions. Yea..we have made it!! The feeling of joyfulness were there. I know i complained a lot here... =) but seriously if you were to be in our shoes, you will know how we felt that day.

after the performance...
too fascinated with our guitars..aint they look nice?? i mean the guitars lar..

the guy with the tie, he is our lead singer

us again... vain with the guitars.

~Pinyin signs out~