Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just a random post

I am in my room for the last few hours. Lets enjoy the moment. Gosh...i have been in this room for 2 semesters and now it has come to the end of my 1st year. The next semester, i will be in the 2nd year. Why so fast?!! =/

One question that i have in mind right now is that- ''What is beauty and what is beautiful to you?'' I have been alive for 21 years already and since as a teenager and till now, ppl always making a big fuss bout a pair of love birds which they usually questioned why the guy super good looking with a not so pretty girl friend, vice versa. Honestly, i had heard enough of these. Whenever i hear that, i choose not to speak but to listen. and i speak it right here. It is ppl's own choice who they want to choose to be with regardless what their ages are, how they personalities shine, how they dont give a damn shit bout the looks etc. Who are you to say that? It is not written in the law that a handsome guy MUST be with a gorgeous looking girl. Beauty can be defined in such a wide way or maybe you can agree on what Justice Lim Beng Choon said ''unrulling horse,when you ride on it, you will never know where it leads you to"Some ppl prefer to have a partner who has the most beautiful heart or some might love the beautiful external looks. Think bout it, how can a beauty and a geek or a beauty and the "beast" be together? They are fated to be together! Their paths are crossed and this is how they fell in love with each other. The most unbearable things that i have ever came across was this question ''there are no more girls better than her izzit? why must choose her?'' All i want to say here is that, yea.. i agree that most beautiful things are nice to see and watch, but they too are not immortal. Sometimes, ppl make me think that the phase ''a good looking guys must have a pretty gals'' is too over rated. Just think first before you spit out those words where can hurt ppl. How will you feel when ppl comment bad stuff bout ur relationship all because of those LOOKS?

~Pinyin signs out~

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