Monday, April 5, 2010

Muzik Moden Semester II

Modern Music...sounds very modern to me at the first glimpse. Not to left out the eagerness to experience the feeling playing in a band too. That was why i joined this as my co-curriculum. Coming to the end of the semester, we are require to perform a song which we had learned during the classes. Last semester was not very much to be remembered as i was the "lame back up singer". This semester it was something different. I got to play my acoustic guitar and to put in a nicer way, i got to perform in a band. =) The outcome was actually not bad but during the rehearsal and last min practises, that was the hardest part. One day before our performance, we had a rehearsal together with other performers ( Classical Music, Choir, Dancing, Nasyid etc). On that very time, we found out that our drummer will not be there for the rehearsal and also on the real day!! He didnt even inform our sir bout this. How are we suppose to find a drummer to replace him?? All of us panicked. One of our friends managed to get a substitute drummer which he had not even practised with us b4..this was a bad bad idea. Our turn came, and it was really sucky..The drummer got all the beat wrong which made the singer lost his tempo...chaotic. Then came our Sir, lecturing us after the performance...bla bla bla... To me the only problem was the drummer, if only we could find a drummer, then everything will be settled.

However, our sir called up his whole band (consists of the local artistes) and asked the lead guitarist and pianist not to play anymore, he asked them to be the back up singers. One word - SUCK! He even changed our song!! We got to learn that new song on the day of our performance. Damn! All these while we attended the classes just to practise that song and now he said that we wont be playing that song. It was obvious that all of us were pissed off but we could not said anything. I mean, this is our co-curriculum and this is our night to perform, now u ask your band to come and take over us? Is this the right thing to do? He even asked us not to tell others bout the band...i wanted to answer him ''Duh! who do not know they are not students? look at their hair! and their looks!" We however continue playing the new song for the last rehearsal and yea... the whole performance was superb BUT it was not performed by US. After that i went back to my room and i got a msg saying that we, modern music are not allowed to perform anymore because the committee in charged said that it was not played by us....( predicted by us...) My friends went to deal with the committee members without my sir...and we were lucky enough to be given another chance to perform...this time we were told to perform our own song with a drummer provided by them. COOL! During the time we performed, we were seriously very happppyy that we were able to play our own song! We got the feed back saying that our performance was good!!!! This made all of us beamed with satisfactions. Yea..we have made it!! The feeling of joyfulness were there. I know i complained a lot here... =) but seriously if you were to be in our shoes, you will know how we felt that day.

after the performance...
too fascinated with our guitars..aint they look nice?? i mean the guitars lar..

the guy with the tie, he is our lead singer

us again... vain with the guitars.

~Pinyin signs out~

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