Saturday, April 17, 2010


What is the simplest rule when you step into the library? Ask this question to a kindergarten kid....SILENT. yea...simple as that. Somehow, there are still inconsiderate ppl who i consider them as selfish. There was once when i was studying in the library with my friends and there was a girl sat behind us started talking tru her hp. Fine...maybe she has some emergency call. She somehow kept on talking on the phone as if she owned that whole library. I was studying for my constitutional law and was kinda lack of time for my revision and there was this unnecessary interruption going on. This was part of her conversation:

the inconsiderate girl: yea.. i took bath already!! i can still smell my shampoo on my hands..eeemmm...."

==''" (triple sweat). You want to be "intimate" with your bf or wat... just go outside from the library and talk whatever and how long you like not disturb others who want to study. My friend asked me to do the "dirty" job by asking me to ask that girl to shut up..haha.. all i did was just ssssshhhh and gave her a tak-syok-look. She did lower down her voice but later on started again...damn her...

~Pinyin signs out~