Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 People you meet in heaven

Bought this book at Kinokuniya last 2 weeks just few days before contract law, i was so tempted to read but somehow got hold on myself and i started reading it on the way back from UKM to penang. Love this story. "The five ppl you meet in heaven". Even b4 i started reading it, the title itself gave me an impression that it will be a fantastic one. It is a habit for all of us the think that death is the end of someone's story,however for this book it took the path different from the normal one. It took the path of lesser ppl would travel on - death is no longer ending, all endings are also beginnings. The story is about an old uncle was about to die and when he is dead, he went to heaven to meet those 5 ppl that will tell him their stories. In their stories, they explained to him, why certain incidents happen and ppl die for the other to live..............check this story out. Lessons to learn. =)

*i know a lot of ppl have read bout this book b4 i even read it...i just want to share it with others.*
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i will hand it over to u...but after finished reading it, the books got to be returned to its truly owner..haha.. :P