Saturday, May 29, 2010

Life is definitely UNFAIR

Life is definitely unfair. Nothing in this world is fair to us, you, me. This is very frustrating. Long life learning- do not ever get attach to people around you too much. Some people are just not worth for you to put your sincere heart in a friendship. Do you have a friend who you really like her/him, but they tend to hurt your feelings (by intentionally or unintentionally)? Yes i do have that kind of friend. There are times when they hurt you so bad, till you swear that you will never ever be too good to them again...however, somehow i always forgot what i have sweared b4 that and i will keep on making the same old mistakes again because forgiving is in me. It is because i really believe if i treat a friend sincerely, they will too. Many times incidents have proven my hypothesis as unacceptable and inaccurate, i guess my stubborn nature refuse to make the corrections. Do not get me wrong, i still have really helpful, loyal, long lasting friends. They really appreciate me for who i am and i am truly grateful for having them. But there are still some ''dark horses'' u know...that brings the downs in your life.

Approximately 3years ago, when i was having the most difficult time of my life, when my dad was admitted into hospital because his condition worsen. At that time, i was having a stayed over in my friend's house, ofcourse i felt very guilty for going there while my dad suffered so much. My friends knew that i was deeply sad and knew that they could not do anything to make my dad feel better. They went back to my house and spent their whole day with me trying their best to cheer me up. That was the time, i felt i am the most luckiest gal on Earth because of them. Just make it short, i do not hope for all those luxurious stuff by friends, i just need them to show me their pure hearts and really hold on tight in our friendships.

(PS: i know i tengah emo-ing....but somehow, i write better when i am emo.... *wink*)

~Pinyin signs out~


BenzPinto said...

Nothing in life is fair, just make the best of what you have.

PiGgY PiNg said...

=) emo!

Myhorng said...

agree but it's still good.