Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nuclear Plant, is it a smart choice?

The Federal Government had given green light to built nuclear plant in malaysia. This will take approximately 10 years to finish building it. So, is the approval by Government a smart choice? To me, i do not think it is and will not give my full support in that plan.

Firstly, to built a nuclear plant it requires a huge amount of money, where will the government get those money? Secondly, everyone knows that nuclear is very dangerous to human because if the waste is not handled in a proper way, those radioactive elements will cause alot of damages not only to us but to all living things. Thirdly, i think we should use other alternative sources other than nuclear power, we can actually use solar. Fourthly, no offence but i do not think malaysia's technology is not up to the standard and eventually we will need to spend even more money to upgrade our technology b4 we even can start building it. Fifthly, i personally think that the government should use the money to upgrade the standard of living of the whole nation and also to save the money for the future use as i can predict that we might face problems regarding to natural disasters. Sixthly, do you know that the CEO of TNB National stated that they are ready to operate the nuclear plant despite having no waste management plan.

Other than these, i cannot imagine what will happen to our country when the enemy army from above the sky, dropping atomic bombs on our nuclear plant. Byebye Malaysia?? Sigh....When i first laid my eyes on the news regarding this, 1st thing that came to my mind was, how could the Federal Government ever approve this proposal? Have they ever taken into consideration bout the consequences of having nuclear plant? If it ended badly, the nation will be the ones who suffer, the future generation. yea.. i know, by building this nuclear plant, it will make our Malaysia stand proud among other countries..BUT i just think that as Malaysians, every single Malaysian should have the right to voice out whether or not to agree with this plan because this nuclear plant itself has to do with each and everyone of our life.

~Pinyin signs out~

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