Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wesak Day

What is the significance of Wesak Day? Wesak day is the day when Gautama Buddha attained Enlightenment. That means he is free of rebirth, suffering and achieved true happiness. Buddha finally saw his previous lives up to thousand years before. Enlightenment can be attained through meditation. It is a very difficult thing to do and it takes years of practice. Whenever people were born into this world, they will have to go through rebirth, decay, old age, sickness, death. This cycle will continue hundred years, thousand of years...i do not know till when. People always ask us this question -''What is your purpose of life?'' Typical answers will be, ''i want to be successful in life, i want to earn a lot of money, I want to be the big boss, i want, i want and i want''.

However, from the Buddhist point of view, the purpose of life would be to put an end of suffering and the unsatisfactoriness. When i came to think bout it, people always fight for money, fight for power, fight for positions- are there any true purposes lying there? Sometimes i would just ponder to myself asking this question to myself -since i will be in this world for only temporary and i am not immortal, why do i have to long for all of the things i want in my life? Once i am dead, all those hard work and beads of sweat will be useless. At the same time, i am living in a materialistic world, without money and job i will not survive. I do not think i will be able to get the correct answer. I know there are still people who wonder why some ordinary people chose to be monks who willing to give up everything they have in life including their love ones. Because they do not want to get attach to them, one day they will leave this world. Everyone of us is attached to most of the things and people. This is why when people who are about to die, they could not let go. If only we can just let go of everything and understand the circle of life, then it will be easier to ''go''. Saying is just as easy as ABC, but to really understand it and to practice it, that will be the hardest thing to do. Sometimes i just hope that i could just understand these whole circle of life things.

~Pinyin sings out~

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