Monday, May 24, 2010

Yearning for Zion

Yearning for Zion- heard that before? I just came across this yesterday during Oprah Winfrey show last night. Yearning for Zion is a community that has around 700 people , situated outside of Texas, United States of America. According to wikipedia, it is owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The residents there practice polygamy marriage and i was surprised, i guess the people out of that ''world'' were surprised to know that 3 wives sharing a husband get along very well. Unbelievable. Oprah interviewed some of the housewives by asking them whether they will argue when all of them in the kitchen cooking because at times they will have different views on things. They said whenever we know that we are not good in that particular things, we will try to change, make it better. The wives told Oprah that they never once entered in an argument. Indeed amusing to me. The ladies will usually get married in the age of 16, some 18 years old. Some girls chose to marry in the age of 15 too! When asked them whether they love their husband before marrying them, one of them just answered ''i know i will''. Marriage is arranged by the girls' parents and they girls usually trust their parents' choices. Whenever they encounter problems, they will just pray. Other than that, the girls must wear clothes which cover their whole bodies because according to them their bodies are very pure and need to be protected. Take a look at the pictures.

they even wear this outfit to swim....

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gambar said...

Say.... Isn't Zion the name of the city in Matrix that still isn't invaded by the machines?..