Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Too many restrictions will cause more fear. Restrictions- i am talking bout restrictions in the sense of teachers-students. Sometimes when these things happen, it will prevent the students to be creative in their own way. I remember when i was small, we had music class in school and the teacher who taught us music follow exactly the context in textbook. So basically we were forced to sing the songs in the textbook...the boring songs with dull melody which will make the babies cry if it was sung as their lullabies. Even for the instruments, we were only allowed to use ''recorder'' ( a lower standard of flute). We wanted to sing other songs other than that whole lot, but we were just timid students back then, all these education system really made us fear of taking chances and to make changes. We are unable to expend our knowledges and experiences which do not involve in exam or in syllabus.

Our education system is too exam based had actually restricted the students to become all rounder and also a street smart person. Usually children at their growing period will expose their own capabilities and they will deliver it by different ways,most are by drawing. Flash back to my schooling times, i remember clearly during my art class in Secondary 1, one of my friend drew ''stick people'' as human and my teacher critised her art. By this action, do you think we students can actually learn not to be afraid to be different compare to the ''strict guidelines''? Ever wonder why in Malaysia the nation do not give their green lights for Art and Music Schools like the ones they have in America and other countries? BECAUSE of our education system. Parents tend to believe that getting straight A's and excell in EXAMS is the upmost priority. They do not believe that some children are capable in Arts. Parents in the modern days kept on comparing their children's results with each other and thus scolding their children for not getting excellent results. Malaysians often forget that there are still alot more than just getting outstanding results in exam. When i read in the newspaper saying that UPSR and PMR might be taken out, here i was, saying ''thank god, they should have done that years ago!''. I just hope there will be much better education systems in the future in malaysia. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, you got to prove them right that you deserve this post better than others.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From innocent to all ''grown up''??

I guess its kinda too fast for a 17 year old girl to dress like someone who is double her age. The world is shocked to see these rapid changes in her ranging from her song lyrics (i cant be tamed) to her dressing and speaking. Why do some people just cant wait to grow up? What is so enjoyable being an adult where you must bear more responsibilities and have to face the cruel reality? Plus if adults who had convicted upon some crimes, they will be sentence to jail, fine, gas chamber etc..if u are a minor, do not have to worry about staying behind the bars. Other than alcohol, getting into the clubs and casinos, there are nothing really special compare to being younger. So Miley is trying to tell the world that ''hell!! i just cant wait to grow OLD and wear under garments for my concerts just like LADY GAGA''. Dont you think she dresses like Lady Gaga? Pray hard that she will not be as troublesome as Lindsay Lohan who was a star in her teenage and a slut in her adult life.

*pictures taken from various website*

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Waka Waka

This World Cup 2010 Anthem -Waka waka sings by none other than Shakira. 1st hearing to this song, it sounded weird to me. After few times of listening, i started to change my perspective towards this song. It has the africa groves with fun beat that can make you move along with it. I love the fact that in this video there are alot of people dancing to this rhythm with different and various costumes that portray the Africa's cultures. =) So does this song meets the requirements of:
1. Make it sports spirits?
2. Enjoyment of the beat?
3.Sending the correct msg to the ppl?
4. Allow it to built excitement?

You be the judge. =)

For your knowledge,waka waka = do the job
waka = it is mine
zambo = wait
tsaminamina = come

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Proud of Being an Ordinary Person

Why do i ever want to lie that i am an extraordinary person while i know that i am just an ordinary person. I am proud to say that i hailed from an average family from a small island called Penang. I was not born with a silver spoon. I achieved things and dreams with strong persistent just like other ordinary people. I have an ordinary family members and friends who care for me. Honestly, i am contented of what i have now because i am happy being an ordinary girl. Coming from humble origins is the pride for us. =)

*thanks to our SGM President Ikeda sensei who have written wonderful articles for us, i have learnt alot from you*

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Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup 2010

I was never into Football since young and whenever the guys jumped up and down cheering for their own football team, i will just look at them nonchalantly. Every English Premier League means nothing to me. Things are different now when we have World Cup coming to the town. =) I told my friends and my brothers that i will catch up with the matches for the one whole month since it comes once in 4years. Surprisingly i did enjoyed watching the matches...quite excited when they scored haha. Anyway, my favourite team will be Argentina!! Hope to see more challenging games. Chaoz.. btw, i am watching Netherlands vs Denmark now. =)

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Their 21st

Everyone has turned 21!!
Welcome to the adult world!! =)

Jamie's 21st Birthday
Jamie and I

Seok Kee's 21st Birthday

Leewen's Birthday

*pictures taken by my friends and i grabbed from Facebook*

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Once in a While


meet up with janet and saykun yesterday for dinner
although all of us have different paths to follow, still we always try our best to meet up once in a while...updating each other and laugh with each other..
they are like big sisters to me..glad to have met them 3years ago..=)

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Ever think that ''Nobody'' by Wonder Girls too overrated? OR perhaps Twilight OR Robert Pattinson overrated by the ardent fans?? This overrated issue also applies to the ''normal'' people. No offence, but some people are just too overrated. He /She is not as GREAT as what the others think. They definitely do not deserve to be known as ''miss too flawless or mr superior '' when deep down inside, we (the person who knows the overrated person) know perfectly their dirty secrets.You dont expect us to agree what others said bout the certain person and all we can do is just to play along and raise our eyebrows each time we encounter that..I cant stop or control people's thoughts and words. Its their freedom of speech. Those overrated people got that title maybe because they are really good at carrying,portraying and also presenting themselves in public. You know, those flamboyant attitudes catch alot of attentions. Bravo to them! *Round of applause and standing ovation* =)

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Thursday, June 3, 2010


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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PMS got me clear...PMS = Premenstrual Syndrome. I hate to admit this, but i think i will particularly become more sensitive and easily irritated because of PMS. haha...This is when the hormones take control of my and the girls' emotions. It always rule us just one week or days before we have our period. The things that i have observed myself were- usually few days b4 that, i will be grumpy and when things did not go my way i would be very frustrated. Later on after these emotions taken over me, then came to the realization that what i did was wrong. My emotions seem to be not so stable and it is not a good time to think rationally because most of my actions will be done according to my emotions. Plus, i would love to be alone at that moment. The positive side of this is that, i think i can express myself better in that midst of time. So next time, if you girlfriends or sisters or girl-friends got mad of a sudden, we girls have an acceptable reason for that... haha..i wonder guys have pms too? chaoz..

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