Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ever think that ''Nobody'' by Wonder Girls too overrated? OR perhaps Twilight OR Robert Pattinson overrated by the ardent fans?? This overrated issue also applies to the ''normal'' people. No offence, but some people are just too overrated. He /She is not as GREAT as what the others think. They definitely do not deserve to be known as ''miss too flawless or mr superior '' when deep down inside, we (the person who knows the overrated person) know perfectly their dirty secrets.You dont expect us to agree what others said bout the certain person and all we can do is just to play along and raise our eyebrows each time we encounter that..I cant stop or control people's thoughts and words. Its their freedom of speech. Those overrated people got that title maybe because they are really good at carrying,portraying and also presenting themselves in public. You know, those flamboyant attitudes catch alot of attentions. Bravo to them! *Round of applause and standing ovation* =)

~Pinyin signs out~


PiGgY PiNg said...

ahahahahah! likey likey!!!

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said... are correct..some of these ppl tend to overreact and overexcited over the wonder girls..where got pretty ? SNSD better..and robert pattison? come on..there are other who are much better la..

Myhorng said...

u will see more along the road we call life.

pinyin said...

horny ko - memang memang... =)

BenzPinto said...

You have to give them some credit. It's not easy to get over-rated in the 1st place :D

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