Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Too many restrictions will cause more fear. Restrictions- i am talking bout restrictions in the sense of teachers-students. Sometimes when these things happen, it will prevent the students to be creative in their own way. I remember when i was small, we had music class in school and the teacher who taught us music follow exactly the context in textbook. So basically we were forced to sing the songs in the textbook...the boring songs with dull melody which will make the babies cry if it was sung as their lullabies. Even for the instruments, we were only allowed to use ''recorder'' ( a lower standard of flute). We wanted to sing other songs other than that whole lot, but we were just timid students back then, all these education system really made us fear of taking chances and to make changes. We are unable to expend our knowledges and experiences which do not involve in exam or in syllabus.

Our education system is too exam based had actually restricted the students to become all rounder and also a street smart person. Usually children at their growing period will expose their own capabilities and they will deliver it by different ways,most are by drawing. Flash back to my schooling times, i remember clearly during my art class in Secondary 1, one of my friend drew ''stick people'' as human and my teacher critised her art. By this action, do you think we students can actually learn not to be afraid to be different compare to the ''strict guidelines''? Ever wonder why in Malaysia the nation do not give their green lights for Art and Music Schools like the ones they have in America and other countries? BECAUSE of our education system. Parents tend to believe that getting straight A's and excell in EXAMS is the upmost priority. They do not believe that some children are capable in Arts. Parents in the modern days kept on comparing their children's results with each other and thus scolding their children for not getting excellent results. Malaysians often forget that there are still alot more than just getting outstanding results in exam. When i read in the newspaper saying that UPSR and PMR might be taken out, here i was, saying ''thank god, they should have done that years ago!''. I just hope there will be much better education systems in the future in malaysia. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, you got to prove them right that you deserve this post better than others.

~Pinyin signs out~


zhyne said...

great post!!!
u give me some ideas for my new post about thiz! hehe
Z7 <3 THIZ!

Jeremy said...

I beg to differ. I think exams should stay because it increase competition among students. Students will compete with one and another to get better results which indirectly helps them. Muhiddin doesn't deserve to be next prime minister too ;)