Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From innocent to all ''grown up''??

I guess its kinda too fast for a 17 year old girl to dress like someone who is double her age. The world is shocked to see these rapid changes in her ranging from her song lyrics (i cant be tamed) to her dressing and speaking. Why do some people just cant wait to grow up? What is so enjoyable being an adult where you must bear more responsibilities and have to face the cruel reality? Plus if adults who had convicted upon some crimes, they will be sentence to jail, fine, gas chamber etc..if u are a minor, do not have to worry about staying behind the bars. Other than alcohol, getting into the clubs and casinos, there are nothing really special compare to being younger. So Miley is trying to tell the world that ''hell!! i just cant wait to grow OLD and wear under garments for my concerts just like LADY GAGA''. Dont you think she dresses like Lady Gaga? Pray hard that she will not be as troublesome as Lindsay Lohan who was a star in her teenage and a slut in her adult life.

*pictures taken from various website*

~Pinyin signs out~


Jeremy said...

i think being an adult is a funner bcz u dont need parental consent (legally) in anything u do :)

pinyin said...

sometimes adults want to be a minor, if u think bout it, the older we got, the more things we hav to think and take responsibilities unlike when we were young, things are not as complicated, once we were happy, everything will be fine..haha