Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Yup..you got me clear...PMS = Premenstrual Syndrome. I hate to admit this, but i think i will particularly become more sensitive and easily irritated because of PMS. haha...This is when the hormones take control of my and the girls' emotions. It always rule us just one week or days before we have our period. The things that i have observed myself were- usually few days b4 that, i will be grumpy and when things did not go my way i would be very frustrated. Later on after these emotions taken over me, then came to the realization that what i did was wrong. My emotions seem to be not so stable and it is not a good time to think rationally because most of my actions will be done according to my emotions. Plus, i would love to be alone at that moment. The positive side of this is that, i think i can express myself better in that midst of time. So next time, if you girlfriends or sisters or girl-friends got mad of a sudden, we girls have an acceptable reason for that... haha..i wonder guys have pms too? chaoz..

~Pinyin signs out~


gambar said...

how come never put yr own photo up? hehe..

pinyin said...

cause i always forgot to shoot my own grumpy look..haha..

Boy said...
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