Monday, June 21, 2010

Waka Waka

This World Cup 2010 Anthem -Waka waka sings by none other than Shakira. 1st hearing to this song, it sounded weird to me. After few times of listening, i started to change my perspective towards this song. It has the africa groves with fun beat that can make you move along with it. I love the fact that in this video there are alot of people dancing to this rhythm with different and various costumes that portray the Africa's cultures. =) So does this song meets the requirements of:
1. Make it sports spirits?
2. Enjoyment of the beat?
3.Sending the correct msg to the ppl?
4. Allow it to built excitement?

You be the judge. =)

For your knowledge,waka waka = do the job
waka = it is mine
zambo = wait
tsaminamina = come

~Pinyin signs out~

1 comment:

Erie said...

I prefer "wavin' flag" by k' the video clip. kinda cheers you was nominated for the world cup anthem as well. hehe...