Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I guess in order to get to know a person, it takes a really long time...
not just one day, not just 1 week, not just 1 takes years..
the phrase ''we just click when i meet him/her'' is just not in my dictionary..
yes...i wanted to believe it with my heart but my brain tells me the opposite..
when we know a friend not long, they tend to take things for granted,
they tend not to appreciate you, they choose to be ignorant, some of them didnt really care to care for you, maybe to them we are just a touch n go card..i am talking in general as i have my good friends telling me how their friends treated them and i felt for them.
this might happen to one of us, perhaps we should pause and start to cherish all the friends that we have...always think of them whenever we want to make the decisions, take them into account...dont leave them out...

i miss them

~Pinyin signs out~

Monday, July 12, 2010


Yup...I am back again to UKM, this time as a senior. I still have not gotten over the fact that i am now in 2nd year and no longer as the 'youngest' among the students here. I foresee this coming semester as the usual busy schedule..EVERYONE foresee 2 and half months of break sometimes do us no good. I am too attached to my home for that time and now it is time to get back on my ass and start to get use to campus life again. =) In the brighter site, i am glad to meet my friends back again. Chaoz...

~Pinyin signs out~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well Done

Penang had reduced plastic bag by 1 million. Penangites have saved more than one million plastic bags in 4 months from the ''No Plastic Mondays'' programme. Good job for that!! REDUCE. REUSE AND RECYCLE for the environment!

~Pinyin signs out~

My dear MGS

We went back to our Alma mater- our dearest MGS.
We have been in this school for 11years!!
friends for 11years too!!
countless memories
but i think i can only remember those crazy and naughty things i did with THEM =)

winchell home- our form2 classes were in this building

our dear 5sc1-2006.. haha

==''' swt. this person must have missed those prefect times.. lol

she is the culprit...

the smelly toilet that gave me nightmare everytime i entered
but these 2 seem to love the smell of it...the toilet's

murals!! we painted that when we were in f3 =)
my name!
byebye to long..

~Pinyin signs out~


Yum yum foody!! NON Halal food...''siew bak'' roasted pig
This place is situated in Chulia Street, Penang (Town area) and the food really tasted very very delicious, mouth watering, sweet, crunchy
the business is good during lunch hours
we could not hang around too long after finishing our food as other customers need those seats

Penang Road Cendol...its situated at Joo Hooi Cafe, 475 Jalan Penang

*pardon me for this not so good quality of pic haha...but this taste good*

lastly, korean food -Korean Palace, at Crystal Point, near to Queensbay

~Pinyin signs out~

Monday, July 5, 2010

I Will Miss you

this was the time i met her....
her name is Yenfen, the girl with green shirt standing in the middle of this picture.
I am glad to know her for a year through a camp
We were in the same university, she was my senior
It was around this time last year when i enrolled myself into UKM,
she was the 1st who came into my hostel room to greet me and took me around,
After my 1st week of orientation, i was sick and i called her for help,
without hesitation, she drove me to the doctor and offered me to stay with her a night in her room, she cooked for me, bought things for me, took care of me until i recovered
Although the time i spent with her was not a lot, the memories with her will always be remembered, she was diagnosed with cancer end of last year.she was a very tough girl
i called her from time to time to ask her how was she
she replied saying ''i will fight this, i know i can, dont worry,''
i just talked to her last month in msn,
and as all of us know that with this ''monster'' living within her, her life will be uncertain
i gotten a news that her condition was critical and she only live on with the help of the machine,
today all the devices will be taken out from her body and she will leave us here.....
i know nothing is permanent, but memories live on....

~Pinyin signs out~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

No KILL Policy

We lent a helping hand for this programme whereby they had stalls selling food to collect funds for a better shelter for the dogs. It was organised by Penang Animal Sanctuary Society. Wide varieties of food sold there and not to forget dogs' competitions. =)

thumbs up to those people who made it happened. =)
me packing ''loh bak''
janet doing her thing.. =)

butter cake

''loh bak''
satay baby!! lol
chocolate cakes
economy rice with dishes
some kind of cup cakes..
tang yuan
bah chang
roasted chicken...yum yum!!

A day wont be a memorable one without THEM!
Some of the people treat their dogs as their kids,
the senior citizens love them as their companions,
it is really true that they are men's best friend!
When i was a kid, i would questions myself
''why can some ppl cry when their dogs died?
only dog watt..''
but now i understand that totally after Maxie came into our life.
looking at them, they made my day. =)

~Pinyin signs out~