Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I guess in order to get to know a person, it takes a really long time...
not just one day, not just 1 week, not just 1 takes years..
the phrase ''we just click when i meet him/her'' is just not in my dictionary..
yes...i wanted to believe it with my heart but my brain tells me the opposite..
when we know a friend not long, they tend to take things for granted,
they tend not to appreciate you, they choose to be ignorant, some of them didnt really care to care for you, maybe to them we are just a touch n go card..i am talking in general as i have my good friends telling me how their friends treated them and i felt for them.
this might happen to one of us, perhaps we should pause and start to cherish all the friends that we have...always think of them whenever we want to make the decisions, take them into account...dont leave them out...

i miss them

~Pinyin signs out~


jaslyn said...

Hugss! =)

Eli said...

i know we (I, haha) rock! :D
kidding. :) true that we'd meet sucky ppl along the way. but u'd meet good ppl as well. :D

raedarling said...

awww!! i miss u... haha

pinyin said...

hey..guys... i miss all of u.. :P
yuen jin...dont be perasan ok..haha