Monday, July 5, 2010

I Will Miss you

this was the time i met her....
her name is Yenfen, the girl with green shirt standing in the middle of this picture.
I am glad to know her for a year through a camp
We were in the same university, she was my senior
It was around this time last year when i enrolled myself into UKM,
she was the 1st who came into my hostel room to greet me and took me around,
After my 1st week of orientation, i was sick and i called her for help,
without hesitation, she drove me to the doctor and offered me to stay with her a night in her room, she cooked for me, bought things for me, took care of me until i recovered
Although the time i spent with her was not a lot, the memories with her will always be remembered, she was diagnosed with cancer end of last year.she was a very tough girl
i called her from time to time to ask her how was she
she replied saying ''i will fight this, i know i can, dont worry,''
i just talked to her last month in msn,
and as all of us know that with this ''monster'' living within her, her life will be uncertain
i gotten a news that her condition was critical and she only live on with the help of the machine,
today all the devices will be taken out from her body and she will leave us here.....
i know nothing is permanent, but memories live on....

~Pinyin signs out~


oh chin eng said...

Pin Yin, cheer up k.. i duno what to say but i feel your pain. just pray for her k. she'll be fine..

pinyin said...

thanks chin eng...its really heartache when i think bout her...she has just passed away today...

PiGgY PiNg said...