Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My dear MGS

We went back to our Alma mater- our dearest MGS.
We have been in this school for 11years!!
friends for 11years too!!
countless memories
but i think i can only remember those crazy and naughty things i did with THEM =)

winchell home- our form2 classes were in this building

our dear 5sc1-2006.. haha

==''' swt. this person must have missed those prefect times.. lol

she is the culprit...

the smelly toilet that gave me nightmare everytime i entered
but these 2 seem to love the smell of it...the toilet's aroma..lol

murals!! we painted that when we were in f3 =)
my name!
byebye to mgs....so long..

~Pinyin signs out~

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