Thursday, July 1, 2010

No KILL Policy

We lent a helping hand for this programme whereby they had stalls selling food to collect funds for a better shelter for the dogs. It was organised by Penang Animal Sanctuary Society. Wide varieties of food sold there and not to forget dogs' competitions. =)

thumbs up to those people who made it happened. =)
me packing ''loh bak''
janet doing her thing.. =)

butter cake

''loh bak''
satay baby!! lol
chocolate cakes
economy rice with dishes
some kind of cup cakes..
tang yuan
bah chang
roasted chicken...yum yum!!

A day wont be a memorable one without THEM!
Some of the people treat their dogs as their kids,
the senior citizens love them as their companions,
it is really true that they are men's best friend!
When i was a kid, i would questions myself
''why can some ppl cry when their dogs died?
only dog watt..''
but now i understand that totally after Maxie came into our life.
looking at them, they made my day. =)

~Pinyin signs out~

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