Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I know i should be sleeping right now..i mean IMMEDIATELY. However, i think i should spend some time to just pen down bout my life recently and also to do some reflections on it. I shall update bout my life here in ukm, yes...as usual, its predictable that i have a busy life. Most of my time in weekdays are occupied with classes, tutorials, discussions, readings, meeting, not forgetting jogging. As i am quite active and got myself involve in Asia Law Student Association (ALSA) and Kajai Chinese Club, whenever i have free time in between, i will always remind myself to get the important things done quick. Being busy in the weekdays make me forget the unhappy moments that i have gone through. So talking bout this, i shall reflect things here.... firstly, from now on whatever things i want to do or attend, i will just go ahead and do it and i shall not have''if he is going, then i will go'' in my dictionary. secondly, i shall say NO to anything that i refused to do or go. Thirdly, i shall grab every opportunities in front of me and to use them wisely. Lastly, i should stop being so nice to ppl because ''miss nice will be misused by ppl''. Just remember this, everything in life is just TOUCH and GO. Nothing is permanent, so just dont HOPE so much...or u will be crashed.

~Pinyin signs out~

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