Saturday, August 21, 2010

My present motivation

I cant wait till 4th of September to arrive!!
I just cant wait to meet all my family members in PULAU PANGKOR!!
yup...this will be our family trip after the one we had in Hainan Island last year,
I know everyone is making their efforts to meet each other in this island
as we are no longer schooling kids like we used to be last 10 years
now everyone is all grown up and has their own job
most of us (exclude me, jeremy, kwanlin,hann chern n the younger generations) find it kinda difficult to get their bosses' approvals for their leaves on that day...
Bravo to you guys!!
Let's make this happen!!
This will be my present motivation!!
n most of all....i just cant wait to meet this great guy of mine....miss him so much!!

pangkor island... ada that beautiful boh?? hopefully..haha

He is one other than our Uncle Suan @ Uncle Jason....i am so happy that he can finally come back to penang and no longer have to fly back to Bermuda.....

~Pinyin signs out~


Myhorng said...

Dun care bout the place, the companies that count.

Btw, too bad tat I dun hv enough saving to go bermuda before he come back

pinyin said...

yup yup....cant wait to see all of u there!! :P