Thursday, August 26, 2010

Step Up 3

"People dance because dance can change things. One move, can bring people together. One move can make you believe like there's something more. One move can set the a whole generation free." STEP UP 3 is in the house yo..

The plot of the story is just the very ordinary romance story and student juggling between studies and dancing (just like the ones in step up 1 and 2). I bet all of you can just predict the next moves after you have just watched it for half and hour. Very predictable thats all i can say. However, i shall give credits to their filming. Although i am not a person who is good at this, i like the way the camera focus on the characters when they dance, those angles are superb. Those dances are spectacular!! They are beyond amazing! The final battle where those dance crews wear the L.E.D suites and the colour kept changing when they change their moves...that is creative!! So get us ass to the cinema now! Although it has a very simple storyline, it is worth to watch.

I rate 7/10.

~Pinyin signs out~


.b.e.d.d.y. said...

i'm yet to watch the movie. worth the ticket or not?

pinyin said...

siti.. its worth to watch!! i watched at alamanda yday...go for it! :P