Thursday, September 30, 2010



Some of us hate our dads, some of us love our dads, some who really hope that they could have dads and some wish that they would never ever had dads. Its a pretty sad thing and i do not blame them for having these feelings. Once we had lost the most valuable thing in life, that was the time when we would really love to have it back. When they still have their dads around with them, that do not mean that they are happy. Their dads might be an alcoholic, abuser,prisoner or even a millionaire who does not have the time for them. Whenever i heard complains from my friends bout their dads, i would just listen to their complains but deep down inside,i wished that i can be in their shoes and to be the one who complain bout their dads. My friends will just come up to me and said "do u know how angry i am at my dad!! he is so childish!!" " or "how can my dad turns out to be like this?". I wanted to reply by saying "yea yea..mine too!!" but.... i had nothing much to say. I will just keep quiet. However, like i have said previously, having a dad sometimes is not a happy thing if their dads turned out to be a pain in the ass. I have heard lots of stories bout dads did stuff so bad until they could not forgive their dads. So many stories, so many experiences...only come to one conclusion, which is... "every family will have their own problems" the difference thing is that, how do they encounter their problems. So with or without a dad, we have to be strong.

~Pinyin signs out~

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