Monday, October 11, 2010

I am sorry that i broke my promise

I have promised to you that i will be strong to overcome my problems,
but now i just broke down and cried,
my heart is just as fragile as life,
i do not know how long it takes for me to stand up tall again,
all i want to do now i to hug you and cry....
and i know after that i will be a new me again...

~Pinyin signs out~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Its time to say NO

Its not that i do not want to do it, its just that my body sent me a msg saying that "enough is enough". I know who i am really is, i know that i am not an irresponsible person, i was born to do things right and i know what are my responsibilities. I do not need anyone to remind me of what i am suppose to do. Sounds like i am bragging? Whether it is or it isnt, i know myself best.

I had this programme last week which we have been planning for quite sometime ago. I had my own duty on that day and it was so unfortunate that i was not in good health. The truth was,few hours before the event i felt like giving up and ask one of my friends to substitute me (means taking over my job). Massive headache, nausea, stomach ache, dizziness, body ache (you name it i got it). However, i got hold on myself and i practically swallowed a panadol just make the pains go away temporary. Thank God...i managed to finished my job on that day together with my team mates. Thanks to their commitment. By the time i headed off to bed, i was extremely exhausted and was really sick. The next day i called Jeremy to send me to the clinic asap as i could not wait any longer. Thanks to him and other friends.

Today is the exact 1 week after the event and i have to admit that i still have light headaches as well as some body aches. So for these few days, i sleep early and i could not afford to sleep late. My body really needs a good rest and i cant afford to get sick again as my finals are coming. I am sorry that if i could not attend certain meetings at night, and i really hope people would understand my situation. Unable to attend one particular meeting does not mean that i am irresponsible. Once i am chosen to be part of a committee, i will carry out my duties well.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

PInyin oh...pinyin

I think i should bang my head against the wall...why am i so forgetful!! i was looking through my friend's facebook pictures and only did i realised that i totally forgot her graduation day!!!!!!! FML. She did helped me in a lot of ways, gave me supports mentally. How could i ever forget bout her graduation day???? this is the least i can do for her to show my appreciation towards her...arrgghh..

~Pinyin signs out~

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kopitiam mar....

"Kopitiam" @Coffee Shop. One simple word, has simple meaning which i myself defined in Pinyin's very own dictionary as "a place where people from all ages have their meals and chit chat there."

Q: Where do the Kopitiams usually situated?
A: They are mostly situated everywhere in Malaysia and Singapore, you can have a lot of kopitiams in Penang, Malacca, KL etc.

Q:What kind of food they usually sell?
A: All kinds of hawkers food ranging from char keow teow to Pasembur

Q: How is the atmosphere in a Kopitiam?
A: its normally noisy and busy

Q: Any Air Conditional provided?
A: There are some, but seldom

SO! Now i am sure you guys have a clear picture of what is a Kopitiam...Basically in this post, my main purpose is not just to let you guys know what is a kopitiam, this is what happened in a kopitiam we went into today.

As usual, we were having our meal with friends and while we were enjoying our meals, we talked. This is like a package u know, when we were enjoying our food we talked too (we will talk when we have finished munching our food in our mouth..haha). And when we got a lil too excited, we will turn the voice volume a lil louder adding laughters in that. Then an uncle came to our direction,speaking in Chinese "Can u guys speak softer?"

First thing that came to my mind...."WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF A KOPITIAM?"(so pls refer to the above) Do they even expect us to shut up though out the eating "journey"? are we in some kind of formal and expensive places? We are not in the library! nor are we in the hospitals! why should we even care to shut up when others were still talking in the kopitiam? he expected us to shut up when he was yelling away for the chicken rice order? he expects a kopitiam to be filled with quiet people???

~Pinyin signs out~