Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Its time to say NO

Its not that i do not want to do it, its just that my body sent me a msg saying that "enough is enough". I know who i am really is, i know that i am not an irresponsible person, i was born to do things right and i know what are my responsibilities. I do not need anyone to remind me of what i am suppose to do. Sounds like i am bragging? Whether it is or it isnt, i know myself best.

I had this programme last week which we have been planning for quite sometime ago. I had my own duty on that day and it was so unfortunate that i was not in good health. The truth was,few hours before the event i felt like giving up and ask one of my friends to substitute me (means taking over my job). Massive headache, nausea, stomach ache, dizziness, body ache (you name it i got it). However, i got hold on myself and i practically swallowed a panadol just make the pains go away temporary. Thank God...i managed to finished my job on that day together with my team mates. Thanks to their commitment. By the time i headed off to bed, i was extremely exhausted and was really sick. The next day i called Jeremy to send me to the clinic asap as i could not wait any longer. Thanks to him and other friends.

Today is the exact 1 week after the event and i have to admit that i still have light headaches as well as some body aches. So for these few days, i sleep early and i could not afford to sleep late. My body really needs a good rest and i cant afford to get sick again as my finals are coming. I am sorry that if i could not attend certain meetings at night, and i really hope people would understand my situation. Unable to attend one particular meeting does not mean that i am irresponsible. Once i am chosen to be part of a committee, i will carry out my duties well.

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