Thursday, November 25, 2010


Reviving my blog after for so long. I am enjoying my holidays and love to be at home =) Satisfaction. Now i am thinking of TATTOO!! *evil smile* I really want to get at least one tattoo in this lifetime. I would like to have it on my fingers, in between my thumb and forefinger. Just a small one. I always think that tattoo is a type body art, they will look great if people just dont over do it. Some people might have the opposite thinking, they think it is totally not appropriate to have tattoo as they do not give us good impression. I am imagining what would my mom's reaction if i really did get one tattoo...she will totally freaks out and i am doom! haha. So, i shall wait till i get older a bit to finally do it.. =) i wonder when will be the suitable time...

~Pinyin signs out~