Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things about bout you?

1. I wish i could born with natural talent in make up-ing. I had to struggle a lot to do make up for myself. I hate to put chemicals on my face but at times we really need to have good and fresh appearance.
2. I used to be (and sometimes) a pessimistic person. When things cannot work out (my heart will scream and said "die lar die lar") but there was once my brother advised me that i should not react this way and must try to be optimistic, i started to change. My brain knows how to slow things down.
3. I will never let anyone condemn my family members.
4. I hate to eat alone whether i am in the house or i am out. I always love to have company when i am eating
5. I love dogs but i dislike cats
6. I always tell myself that "miracles do happen"
~Pinyin signs out~

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