Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Chikungunya. What the hell is that? According to Wikipedia, it is a virus (CHIKV) which is an insect-borne virus. It is transmitted to human by virus-carrying Aedes mosquitoes.CHIKV manifests itself with an acute febrile phase of illness lasting 2 to 5 days, followed by a prolonged arthralgic disease that affects the joints. The pain of the joints will persists for weeks or months or even years. As for the treatment, since it is a new disease, no specific treatments are given as well as for the vaccine. So i guess you have a rough idea what is chikungunya. I was the one of the unlucky ones who got bitten by the aedes mosquito and now i have joints pain. Honestly, the pain is unbearable. There were times when i felt so painful until going to the toilet was a big problem for me. It could be much better if the cubicle has the siting down toilet bowl, that can make a difference. At the beginning after i was diagnosed with this Chikungunya disease, the pain was the worst! I could not really move my legs even for 1cm, that was excruciating! I could not even walk out from my room to attend classes and out for food. I had no choice but to take some anti- inflammation medicine to stop the pain.

This disease had changed my life style, from an outdoor person to an indoor person. I can no longer run like i used to run, i can no longer skip the robe like i used to do, i can no longer play netball which is my all time favourite sport. I was obviously devastated. I had to forgo a lot of things, entertainment, holidays, meeting up with friends. shopping etc. My heart was smashed when there are some people who said things which actually hurt my feelings. I do not mind if they didnt understand how much pain i have been through, but they should watch their words at times. I do not ever want to have this joint pain problems at all, and i have to deal with it all by myself. This is already very hard for me and now i have to hear all those comments. Do you know how thankful i was to meet an auntie at a temple whom un
derstands the pain i felt? I felt at last there is somebody who understand this pain! She got chikungunya last year and she said "only those who had suffered this will understand how much pain we have to bear." and i could not have agreed more. She told me that it took her 7months to cure the joints pain. My mouth was hanging wide open. Seriously???!!!! This is my 2nd month of suffering only! that means i still have long way to go!! %$**$!!!...ok...FML. I will deal with it...got to....
yea...i know cursing is bad...but fark u mosquito!!u made my life miserable...

~Pinyin signs out~

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