Friday, December 3, 2010


Congratulations to my dear Say Kun and her husband, Dayron for their marriage. =) I am happy for her as she has finally found her true love and partner for life. I still remember few years back, Janet and I kept on asking her "when are you getting married ar?? we cant wait already!!wanna get angpow from u!" and now...finally, her wedding has finallllyy keeps our mouth shut from asking the same old question over again. Walking back to year 2007 where i first met her and Janet when i worked in Zaid Ibrahim after my SPM. Never did i ever thought that our friendship will last that long (do not get me wrong, as i worked there for only 5months.usually this short friendship will only be touch and go). The main reason our friendship still exist until today is because all of us have the most sincere heart to carry on this friendship as well as we had made efforts to meet each other together with Janet each time we are free. Janet and Say Kun both are like my elder sis and they refer me as their "adik". I wish SayKun and her husband to have eternal long lasting marriage... and i cant wait to see junior saykun!! =)

~Pinyin signs out~

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