Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Gay. I never really have issues regarding on gays. I would not care much whether my friends are gay or not, the most important thing is that they are good friends. This is what matters to me. When Brian Brown was leading the fight against gay marriage, i was and am on the fence. He has his own point of view as a staunch Christian. Barack Obama who is the 44th President of America repealed the "dont ask, dont tell" policy in the military. The US military had kicked out armies due to their sexualities and Obama stated that there should not be discrimination against them. Being an army of his country means more than their sexuality, the most important thing is that they are loyal to their country. In his opinion, Obama thinks that it is ok for gay couples to adopt kids and raise them, as long as the kids are raise in a loving environment. OK...this is a problem to me. Although i do not disagree on gay marriage, having to think of both gay partners adopting kids, this is not quite normal to me. We call our father as dad and our mother as mom. If both my parents have the same gender, so who shall i call as my dad or mom? or both as dads or both as moms? Imagine when the kid grow elder, how is he or she gonna introduce them to their friends.."Hey guys..this is my mom and my dad...just ignore how my mom looks..she is still my mom." This will be an issue for me. So perhaps having a gay partner is fine but if they have kids...that would be abnormal growing stages for them...
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