Monday, June 6, 2011

If Only

If only i could see my own future....
If only i knew what i am really capable of....
If only i had all the answers to all the unanswerable questions...
If only i had all the antidotes for the incurable pain and sufferings....
If only..............

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Farewell and Moving On

~just look above the sky....leave the sadness away and move on~

Birth, Life, meetings, separation, death. This is the nature of life. When a baby is born in a family, everyone was overjoyed because there is a new life entering their lives. Later on, the babies will eventually grow up and they start to meet each other. Many found loves during their journeys and YES, another new chapter of life has begun. They are ofcourse happy and filled with hopes. Then, there goes the "separation" part which lead to heartbroken, disappointment, misery and the list goes on and on. This is where the man's mind influences his body profoundly. If allowed to function viciously and entertain wholesome thoughts, it can cause disasters. They who suffered will usually let their negative thoughts to control them. All these unfortunate events happen due to a lack of understanding of the real nature of life. In life, departure or separation is unavoidable. This happen all the time and certainly unavoidable. When such things happen, one must try to find out where the cause lies. However, if the separation is beyond one's control, one must have courage to bear with it by realising the true nature of life. On the other hand, it is not difficult for anyone to find a new friends to fill the vacuum if one really wants to.

People always think that the "time will heal" phrase is too cliche', but it is always true. Trouble passes, What has caused you to burst into tears today will soon be forgotten. As we grow up and go through life, if we remember this we will often be surprised to find how we lie awake at night brooding over things that have happened to upset us during the day. And being surprised, we can realise what a waste of time and energy it has all been and how we have deliberately gone on being unhappy when we could have stopped it.

Realisation is something positively strong and opposed to ignorance. Once one has realised that separation is just a nature of life and after one has realised that letting go is better than clinging on, next thing should be done is "stop wasting your time". Bear this in our mind that by wasting your time you injure not only urself but to others too for your time is as much others as it is yours. I just feel that to be happy or to move on with life, it is all about choice. We do have a choice to be simple as that...

~Pinyin signs out~

Monday, April 11, 2011

When you have too much things on your mind at once, i guess its hard to take it. Part of it has to do with responsibilities, the other has to do with exams and not forgetting the one you misses the most. You know these feelings should be suppressed RIGHT NOW but your mind is playing a fool with you. Thanks to my friend for writing this today "The heaviest loads are the mental ones, forever resting in the back of our heads. We carry them back and forth constantly in our thoughts. Put them down for awhile. Go look at a green tree or blur sky. It will surprise you that you had that choice all along-to be free". Yes, he is right about this. And it is true that we have choice..

~Pinyin signs out~

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


~Pinyin signs out~

Ching Ming 2011

Ching Ming 2011, yes...yet another year has passed. Reminiscing those younger days when we kids aimlessly follow our parents to the cemetery to pay respect to our ancestors. I still remember how small we were at that time and not knowing what was really going on. Now ofcourse, everyone has grown up and most of us have stable jobs and just give us few years, there will be our juniors coming out! ("us" refers to my elder cousins and apparently not me *wink* as i am still a student ). Ching Ming to us is another family gathering apart from chinese new year. I got to be honest that each time when i am on my way back to Penang for chingming, i will be so thrill, knowing that it is time for me to meet all my beloved ones. The "must-do-thing" on every ching ming is to buy 4D! It is like our family norm that after praying, they will buy numbers(lottery) and sad to say that after for more than 20 years of "practicing" this norm none of the numbers that the adults bought had ever appear in the 1st price list! Not even Consolation. =='' Up to now, they still continue practicing this. I salute them for their courage and perseverance! At least they are happy, which matter the most. =)

setting up the big umbrella

cleaning the tomb


Hi everyone!
UNCLES..the older they get, the better they look..agree?? :)
"i'm bringing sexy back!"

pictures taken by

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Monday, March 28, 2011

This male cocker spaniel mixed dog was brought in to us (SPCA) on Sunday 27th March. He was last seen at the Bukit Jambul area as reported.
Could this be abandoned or genuinely lost by his owner. Please help him find his owner. His left front leg is lame.
Thank you.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


~pinyin signs out~

Friday, March 25, 2011

"When you give him your heart, he gives you his"

That title refers to man's best friend. Definitely not human. It is none other than DOGS! I do not know why but i somehow got myself signed up as a volunteer for the "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals @ SPCA" few weeks ago. Maybe because i have such a long break ahead of me or maybe the love for animals that i have or perhaps i kept on repeatedly telling myself that it is the time to give than to receive. Over these months, the issues over the newspaper were the heartless malaysians who tortured their pets by kicking them, punching them, dragging them more than 100m with the car and worst, a GIRL who actually kicked a cat till it became lifeless in front of a CCTV! Her reason to ask for forgiveness was that she was too stress out due to her parents' divorce! Understandable but UNFORGIVABLE! You do not treat those animals as if they were your soft toys. You cant just step on your your pets like u did on your soft toys..Their life are as valuable as a human being. They are the ones who are loyal to you. You do not have to worry that your dog will stab you at your back. And looks like Malaysia Government is not so fond of animals.

We only have Section 44 of the Animal Act 1953 (2006 Amendment) which says that anyone guilty of an offence of cruelty to animals shall be liable to a fine of RM200 or imprisonment for a term of six months or both. RM200 in this 20 century?? You got to be kidding! People now a day can just grab any of the Louis Vuitton bags worth more than thousands and walk out from the store with their heads held high. Do you think this sanction even make sense? So, your pet is only worth RM200 for all those kicks and punches he received? Poor thing! First thing that should be done is that:

1. The punishment should be heavier! not justRM200 or 6months imprisonment.
2. The Enforcement of this act
3. To spread the awareness that the nation can do things more than just to complain tru nets, (this is what the SPCA is doing now, they educate the animal loves that they should accumulate the evidence of the person who torture his or her pet and send those evidence to them for further actions.)
4. Change the "tidak apa" mindset towards the animals
all the countries above have "more-make-sense" punishments for this offence than malaysia. Malaysia, watch and learn pls!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


It started from last year that all cousins must have at least one gathering every chinese new last year -2010, these were the only ppl who where were the rest of the remaining cousins? no idea...
frm left to right: horny, kwan lin, lin min, mei, su ching
from left to right: linmin, py, mei n su only few of us..
we had decent drinks.... =) all under control...very sane

AND this year- 2011...there are more ppl..additional ppl of course!!!! and not to forget..from sane in 2010 to insane in 2011...
see those additional ppl? =)
frm left to right: jason, py, tiang chuan @ dr.hng
weeee!!!!!! all of us!! very "high" indeed... =)

and what i called from sane in 2010 to INSANE in 2011!! =)
PS: although it was just a few days of cny in penang this year, i had one of the best cny ever!!! love you guys... =)

pictures taken from horny's camera..

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Quote of the day

"Remember, no matter how challenging is your life, there is someone who cares about you", written by a friend of mine to me in a christmas card..


This New Year ResolutionS. You asked people what are their new year resolutions, they have tons. Some even said that "my new year resolution is not to have any resolution" and also "to cut my fingernails more often" New year resolutions are there to keep us motivate and to make sure we achieve our goals. Honestly, i have even forgotten what were my resolutions back in 2010...i guess i should look back the things i wrote and to check whether i have achieved them. =) well for this year;

1. To have better and better and better health compare to the last few months in 2010
2. Improve on my current results...i know i can do better than this...
3.To improve and expand on my general knowledge
4. To be more of an optimistic person
5.To be able to look back on the 1st day of 2012 and tell myself that "Welldone pinyin, you did it!"

~Pinyin signs out~