Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ching Ming 2011

Ching Ming 2011, yes...yet another year has passed. Reminiscing those younger days when we kids aimlessly follow our parents to the cemetery to pay respect to our ancestors. I still remember how small we were at that time and not knowing what was really going on. Now ofcourse, everyone has grown up and most of us have stable jobs and just give us few years, there will be our juniors coming out! ("us" refers to my elder cousins and apparently not me *wink* as i am still a student ). Ching Ming to us is another family gathering apart from chinese new year. I got to be honest that each time when i am on my way back to Penang for chingming, i will be so thrill, knowing that it is time for me to meet all my beloved ones. The "must-do-thing" on every ching ming is to buy 4D! It is like our family norm that after praying, they will buy numbers(lottery) and sad to say that after for more than 20 years of "practicing" this norm none of the numbers that the adults bought had ever appear in the 1st price list! Not even Consolation. =='' Up to now, they still continue practicing this. I salute them for their courage and perseverance! At least they are happy, which matter the most. =)

setting up the big umbrella

cleaning the tomb


Hi everyone!
UNCLES..the older they get, the better they look..agree?? :)
"i'm bringing sexy back!"

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