Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chain of Travelling

Dalai Lama once said "Once a year, go some place you have never been before". I would nod in agreement. Whether it is some where near your home or whether it is some where far away from home, just take some time off to go to that place, to experience another side of the world which you have never seen or been. I am a person who enjoys travelling, not because I can be in those planes. It is because I love the fact that I can walk around in those new places, exploring their cultures, witnessing the way of their lives by capturing that through my camera lenses. Also, getting lost in the big cities with maps in my hands. It is not pleasant to be lost, but being lost in cities are part of the journey of travelling, I would say.

Magnificent Wat Arun in Bangkok 

The Ferris Wheel in AsiaTique in Bangkok

The traffic jams in Bangkok

The great pork rice in Bangkok

The yummy cakes in "After You" restaurant in Bangkok

Halong Bay in Hanoi

Cathedral in Vienna

Political objections from the people in Thailand

Be it the ancient temples or the excellent food, another reason why I love to travel is that I can always meet new friends from other countries as well as to meet up with my friends. Those people do make the travelling extra fun!

Feem, my buddy

from left to right: Angeline, me, Jeremy, Pop, Fuiyen

Cute Mint! :)

Viet & Hwa

from left to right: Lily, John, Fuiyen, Viet

from left to right: Le, Lily, me, John, Fuiyen

dinner with Joe & Plan

dinner with Ai & Ice 


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