Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review of Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)

Low Cost Carrier Terminal, in many ways did contributed to the countries' economies. That is definitely a plus point! However, talking about the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Kuala Lumpur, it is the worse low cost terminal which I have been so far. Starting from the waiting point to the plane with no shed to the closing of the airport from 1230am until 3am. 

1. No Shed - We always have to walk from the plane to the airport and from the waiting point to the plane in LCCT KL. How inconvenient!  It got worse when it rains with no shed and having to get wet before entering the plane. It is still fine if it is drizzling, what if it rains cats and dogs? Dont the architect who built this building even thought of those basic things?

2. Restaurants in LCCT - My flight was scheduled to be at 6.30am to Hanoi, therefore I took a flight from my hometown to LCCT KL and reached at mid night. I will have to wait approximately 5 hours in LCCT. Before hand, my mom asked me whether there is any need for me to buy some snacks first before reaching there. I confidently rejected that offer and told her that I can get food in the restaurants in LCCT. When I reached, I was stunned. All of the restaurants in LCCT were closed! Even McDonalds! How could that possible? I thought this is an airport??! The only place we could get food was outside of LCCT where the small stalls stood. Thats it. FULL STOP. No more! How could those stalls possibly feed thousands of people awaiting at the airport during that time?

3. Airport closed from 1230am until 3am - The nightmare is, this airport closed from 1230am untul 3am. I do not know what is the purpose, but yeah IT CLOSED FROM 1230AM UNTIL 3AM! The officers shooed us out from the airport and closed the main door of LCCT. So where did we go? We had no where to go, we had no choice but to sit outside of LCCT next to the sidewalks for freaking 3 hours! Do the place have chairs? NOOOOOO. Not a single chairs and most of us have to sit on the floor. Some had no choice but to sleep on the floor! What an eye sore! No air conditional for 3 hours, sweating, uncomfortable! I practically could not sleep the entire 3 hours.

4. Insufficient chairs - How many people in the airport and how many chairs they have? Those chairs are not even enough to accommodate quarter of the passengers. Those chairs were the most uncomfortable ones I have ever sat on. Passengers would have to sit on the floor most of the time. This is an airport, mind you! 

5. Waiting point - After our luggages have been scanned, obviously we could not bring in bottles with water. I thought I could purchase a bottle in the shops at the waiting point. However, there is only one shop available there, which is the liquor shop. How tragical!   

Overall, I am so disappointed with the standard of LCCT. It has became bad to worse! I feel so ashamed. I do hope that THESE can be improved fast.